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Odds and Ends

Initially, the only thing in this section is “Memoirs” (a heading I’m not very happy with, but it was the best I have been able to come up with).  These are described in the Introduction to that subsection.

Eventually, some of my (small amount) of published technical writing may find it’s way into this section too.

A few other things may also eventually find their way into this section, including (perhaps) one or two angry letters to editors (written in the past) that I might be able to locate (well, I was probably more annoyed than angry).  Wish I had a collection of letters to editors saying nice things about people.  Don’t recall ever writing one of those, but (looking back) wish I had. 

That last thought applies to personal letters and conversations too.  Lots of people have been nice to me, and I’ve not thanked them as much as I should have (or at all).

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