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Although I have given considerable thought as to what to call this section, I’ve not been able to come up with a very good name for it.  I'll try to describe here what  this section contains.

For about 30 years now (as the initial version of this Introduction is written in early 2013), I have written generic letters (newsletters or year-in-review letters) to send with (paper) Christmas/Holiday cards.  These provide brief summaries of highlights (and, unfortunately, occasionally lowlights) of the previous ~12 months).  I usually spend a lot of time writing these, so they are pretty “well written” (which, for me, means most of the words are spelled correctly and most of the sentences actually contain verbs).

Most of the items in this "Memoirs" section will probably be copies of those “well-written” annual letters.  However, a few items other than these year-end letters that will probably eventually also join this section. One example of such an "other" item is a set of day-by-day descriptions written during a trip to Antarctica in late 2010.  Also, there may have been a few years when a (paper) ”newsletter"  was sent at times other than near the end of the year, such as when I changed addresses (my “newsletters” have typically gone out to perhaps 50-80 people or families).

Where I have digital copies of the original documents, they will probably be converted to HTML format for this section.  Some of the formatting in the initial documents and some special characters (such as the degree symbol) may be lost in the conversion process to HTML.  I had originally thought that italic and bold fonts would be lost in this process.  However, I recently found a method that seems to avoid that (at least for items created after I started using “IBM-type” personal computers around 1990). 
I will try to remove things like addresses and phone numbers (especially obsolete ones) from these HTML versions, but may miss some.

In some cases, I probably no longer have a digital copy of the original documents, but might have a paper copy.  I may eventually scan these and try to incorporate them into this section. This is especially true for the pre-1990 letters, which were composed on an Apple ][+ computer (this possible scanning approach assumes paper copies can be located). Not sure what format any such scans will be in. They might show up here as pdfs.

For some documents, the digital files I have do not correspond to the final version that was mailed or distributed (or I’m uncertain the file I have corresponds to that final” version).

In recent years, I have also occasionally sent out ("spammed") several people (mostly various family members) with e-mails dealing with family history information (including sending old family photographs).  Copies of most of these will probably not show up in this section (but might work their way into material in the Family History section in various forms).

The “well written” items are “well written” relative to other materials I have, such as trip journals, copies of letters, various types of notes, and other stuff.  Most of these (not-well-written) items are hand-written and autobiographical.  If any of that material is someday scanned and makes its way into this web site, it will probably be placed in a different subsection within "Writing" (whose name has not yet been created – or even thought about).

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