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The Guy Who ...



Family History



Odds and Ends

Are you the guy who:

…. lived in Perth Amboy, New Jersey (with your grandmother and an aunt) for a brief time             as a young boy?

…. grew up in Newark, Arkansas?

….. attended Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan (in “Refrigeration”)?

….  worked for Metropolitan Imprinters (later Norm Coughlin Associates) in Detroit?

…. attended Michigan State University (in physics)?

…. worked as a driver salesman for Mills (Homepride) Bakery in Detroit (and was a                       member of Teamsters Local 151)?

….  worked for PAK printing (off Beauboin) in downtown Detroit?

…. worked at Bettis Laboratory?

…. attended Carnegie-Mellon University?

…. was in the Bettis Bachelor Bowling League?

…. lived in (and later adjacent to) Baldwin Court Apartments?

… monitored startup and periodic tests at Kesselring Site?

… was reactor physicist at a periodic test and an initial fill at NRF (at what later                              became Idaho National Engineering Laboratory)?

… was reactor physicist at a startup of an engine room of the USS Eisenhower?

…. lived in North Huntington Pennsylvania?

…. taught at Penn State University Altoona and Beaver Campuses?

…. toured Europe as part of ISE (Club Europa) Group X530?

…. toured Asia (including China) as part of ISE Group R523/P523?

…  worked at Clinton Power Station (then part of Illinois Power Company)?

….  lived in Farmer City, Illinois?

….  attended General Electric’s station nuclear engineer course?

 …. worked for PEAK Technical Services?

 …. worked for Westinghouse Savannah River Corporation?

 …. worked for Washington Safety Management Solutions (WSMS)?

…. lived in Aiken, South Carolina?

…. worked on long-term contract assignment at Lawrence Livermore National                                 Laboratory (about 4.5 years, on-and-off)?

…. worked as part of team for safety assessments of Spallation Neutron Source?

…  after retirement visited Panama Canal, Antarctica, Italy, Egypt/Jordan, and                                 Kenya/Tanzania?

Yep, same guy.

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