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This is the personal web site of Carl C. Fields.

Three categories (links) listed on the home page -- Family History, Writing, and Photos -- are the things I currently (January 2013) envision as the primary content of this web site.  The Odds and Ends category is planned as a catchall for items I might want to add, but which don’t seem to fit in one of those three primary categories.  The Administrivia category is intended to deal with the site itself, containing (eventually) things such as a site map and copyright information.  This "copyright" section includes licensing information describing (1) what things can be used without contacting me for permission and (2) the conditions under which those items can be used without specific permission.

I might someday add another primary category if the Odds and Ends section begins to become unwieldy.

As the initial version of this is being put up on the web, many of the “slots” defined in various categories are vacant.  I plan (and hope) to add material to the site from time to time.
The three primary categories or sections are loosely defined and will probably overlap.  There will be a good deal of writing (and probably some family history) in the Photos section and lots of writing in the Family History section (I hope to also someday have photos in the Family History section).  The writing in the Photos section is descriptions to the photos.  In at least one series of photos (still under development as this is written in Feb 2013), the writing is so extensive that the photos seem to be present primarily to illustrate “the story”.

Several different formats are used in the web site.  Most of the top-level and introductory pages (such as the one you are on now) use a pretty simple HTML format.  The photo galleries (at least the ones initially incorporated into the web site) were developed using the Shozam (photo gallery) computer program (the Introduction in the Photo section discusses why this was selected).  Shozam (or possibly other photo gallery software that I might use in the future) may also be used in some other sections for material that primarily involves photographs.  The Second Site program is being used to construct much of the Family History section.  The Family History category is vacant as the initial version of the site is being put up in Feb 2013, but some material is under development using Second Site.

The simple-format HTML sections have navigation links at the top and bottom of each page, and along the left-hand side of the page. The navigation links on the top and the left-hand side go the landing pages of the primary sections of web site.  Most of the links along the bottom go to various items within the Administrivia section.  The navigation is somewhat different in the pages generated with Shozam and Second Site.  The alternative navigation links for these pages are described in the Introduction pages in the Photo and Family History sections.

There will probably eventually be material on the web site in other formats (that is, formats other than the simple HTML and pages created using Shozam and Second Site).  For example, I suspect I will not be able to find digital copies of some older “holiday” or “year end” letters that will be in the “Memoirs” subsection of “Writing”.  For these, I may scan a paper copy (IF I can find even a paper copy).  Those scanned paper copies might be incorporated in the web site as pdfs.

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