This is the family history section of the XenonSheepdog web site. This section is currently (as material is initially placed online in December 2013) limited to a relatively small number of people -- those for whom the amount of information and the quality of the presentation seems respectable.

You can browse this section using the Surname Index Link (above). Once you are "in" the narrative for an individual, there are normally additional links that allow you to jump to his or her near relatives.

Family names that appear here include (but are not limited to): Fields, Johnson, Jarman, Golosoff, Fortune, Segal, Slobodien, Levine, and Sawyer. All of the people whose narratives are included in the site are deceased.

Hopefully, more people will added as time goes by -- and more information will be added for many of the people whose narratives are already included.

I'm eager to exchange information and receive corrections. If you find anyone of interest, please use the "Contact Us" links (in the lower portion of most pages) to learn what additional information may be available (or to describe anything you believe is incorrect).

The site contains detailed Introductions (1) for this family section and (2) for the entire site. The Introduction for this family section describes (among many other things) how people were selected for inclusion in this family history. These more detailed Introductions are accessed from other pages in the web site.